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Študák Software was established by two computer freaks in 1987, then - students, Pavel Maňas and Marek Novotný, who come from Třemošná u Plzně, Czech Republic.

Later they created a few small applications on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer. Their famous game, called CRACKER, considered by Czech fans as a cult game, was released in October 1989. Študák software ceased its activities in 1991.


Študák Software was restored in 2010. The first public release of the new Študák Software product - ColorLinker March 1st, 2011.


ColorLinker is used in many companies accross the world, until May 2022 licenses of ColorLinker are used in 29 countries on all continents.


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Študák Software, a division Pavel Maňas - Metal Breath Production company.

Tyršova 753

330 11 Třemošná

Czech Republic

Reg. ID: 40500888


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