PANTONE - RAL - HKS - NCS color conversions

Frequently Asked Questions:


We have paid a license of ColorLinker. When can we receive the license key?

After your purchase you will receive an email with the License Key for the selected license. The license key will be sent to you within a few business hours. Please check your spam filter.


What kind of color conversions does ColorLinker enable?

ColorLinker 1.6.0 enables all color conversions between PANTONE spot colors (Formula Guide Solid Coated Plus Series 2014-5 library), PANTONE Goe Coated, RAL spot colors (K7 library), HKS K and NCS Index 1950 Original (NCS S).


Does ColorLinker use original PANTONE, RAL, HKS or NCS libraries?

No. Colors were measured with an i1 spectrophotometer.


How many colors are there in ColorLinker totally?

PANTONE Solid Coated Plus library has 1761 colors,

RAL K7 has 213 colors,

HKS K has 88 colors,

PANTONE Goe Coated has 2058 colors,

and NCS Index 1950 Original has 1950 colors.

In total: 6070 colors.


Does ColorLinker shows any color values in LAB, sRGB, CMYK etc. for PANTONE, RAL, HKS or NCS colors?

No. ColorLinker shows only the delta E differences between two colors (PANTONE Solid Coated to PANTONE Goe, RAL, HKS and NCS, RAL to PANTONE (Goe and PMS Coated), HKS and NCS, HKS to PANTONE (Goe and PMS Coated), RAL and NCS etc.).


Why does sometimes RAL to PANTONE conversion and then PANTONE to RAL (or vice versa) not match?

ColorLinker always shows the closest color in the conversion (RAL to PANTONE or PANTONE - RAL). In the case of RAL to PANTONE conversion it means that for the 213 colors of the RAL K7 there are 1761 colors of the PANTONE Solid Coated available and vice versa. HKS K library has 88 colours.

It depends on the closest color which determines the difference delta E in LAB color space.


What is the delta E?

It is the difference or distance between two colors. In the ColorLinker case, it is the LAB color space. See also:


Is a demo version of ColorLinker available?



Do you plan to add other spot color libraries to the ColorLinker?

Yes, we do.




How to jump quickly in the pop-up menu?

If you want to move quickly in the color list in the pop-up menu, you can use "Page Up" and "Page Down" key on your keyboard.


Colors displayed on my monitor are different from colors in my color guide.

For better color accuracy keep your monitor calibrated.


System Requirements:


Intel-based Mac, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mounting Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Captain.


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